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Crash Repair

RAA Approved Repairer & Shannons Specialist Repairer.

We can do work for all Insurance companies.

All vehicles – your classic pride and joy, your modern everyday car, or your motorbike.

We can also do private crash repair work – for every type of vehicle

2 x Loan Cars available “Free” for your convenience

We take the hassle out of having an accident and get you back on the road fast



We prefer to work from bare metal on our big restorations rather than work over old repairs or old paint.

This way we can give a warranty on the work that we are performing and the final paintjob.

We can strip your vehicle to bare metal using sandblasting and manual methods.

All bare metal is prepared and Epoxy Primed to seal it up.

Rust repairs are carried out with much care. We can fabricate those hard to get panels in house.

We can lead wipe or metal finish where required.
We can repair stainless mouldings or organise chromework.



We are very experienced in painting and take pride in the work we turn out.

We can match up any paint colour, be it Factory or Custom.

We can offer a range of amazing colour suggestions and even Candy colours or Metal Flake for that special job.

We assist in designing your paintjob if required. Flames, Pearls, Stripes, Graphics, Air brushing, Logos, Stencils, hand pinstriping – we can do it all.

Out Paint jobs have won numerous awards at Shows

And we use one of the best paints on the market – Glasurit



We have highly qualified mechanics with a sound knowledge of both old and new vehicles including motorbikes.

We can do Engine Swaps, Modifications, RH conversions, Air Bags, Brake upgrades, Suspension repairs, Air con upgrades and so much more – all with legal engineering.

We can also do all electrical repairs and modifications.

We know every aspect of Roadworthy requirements in SA. We can inspect and report on your vehicle, then take care of the whole Regency Process, to hand you back a car that is legal on SA roads.

We also handle log book servicing for all new vehicles and regular servicing for your classics.



We have a contract Trimmer that works for us.

This means all your interior needs can be done here – without your car having to leave our shop.

This also gives a greater control on all the work being done